Module 4 Part 2

Ian Midgley uploaded this Vimeo video, “Team 19: Rapid Innovation in Public School” to share their dare to innovate NOW, not spend time planning. Instead, the staff, principal, superintendent, and teachers created the plan together.  It’s an awesome watch, and it flows with what I believe: just start!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 3.57.20 PMVimeo is a video sharing platform like YouTube, but it also includes its own Video School to help you become a videographer. Often it is NOT blocked at school as YouTube sometimes still is. Vimeo allows many settings for private, password-protected, or public viewing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 4.42.55 PM

How is Vimeo helpful to educators?

  • Create screencasts HowTos for tech minilessons
  • Create video lessons for your content area [add questions, etc in EduCanon [now PlayPosit] or its Chrome Extension]
  • Create snapshots of your classroom or school for your blog posts
  • Gather student videos and smash them together for your blog posts
  • Students create videos for others
  • Create an intro video to your school and community


Understanding video creation and presentation is so important in our visual world; this should be part of all literacy instruction. Learning how to curate the text, images, audio, video of the content studied creates authors and experts in an authentic way that our students seek; education becomes relevant.

How does video creation, remix, and use fit in your classroom, situation, or lessons?