Module 4 Part 1

ThingLink is a tool that could be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Curation to link  to related projects
  • Title page of a project linking to other components [video, text, audio, website, etc.]
  • An About Page for your blog
  • Class Project Home Page to link to all components
  • Photo/Text Essay by links
  • Links to student projects
  • Resources for professional development

Here’s an example by Rafranz Davis, Google Chrome Experiments and Innovation Tools.  She has curated links to many Google Chrome tools and experiments. This is an awesome resource that shows the possibilities of technology. [Note: All I had to do to embed this was to paste the URL into the visual editor; WordPress did the rest].


Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 3.54.55 PMA Thinglink can be reusable if it includes the ReMix option. Remix is just like it sounds — you take a copy of an original and add your own touches, republishing the new version with credit to the previous creator.  Remix Information. This Thinglink can no longer be remixed, but can be shared, as in this post, because that option is available.

In our Jumpstart Facebook group, the SAMR ladder model of technology integration was mentioned. SAMR [substitute, augment, modify, redefine] helps teachers rethink their analog lessons and begin to see alternative versions using technology. Here is a Thinglink  blog post thinking through the SAMR model using Thinglink.


Now you know:

  • uses for Thinglink
  • a link toThingLink
  • an example of a Thinglink
  • an embedded Thinglink
  • a link to the Thinglink
  • a link to the author
  • remix and sharing information
  • SAMR Thinglink process

How will you use Thinglink in your area of expertise?