Module 6

Coggle is a browser-based,  collaborative, brainstorming, mind-mapping application. Log in with your Google Account. Add it as an extension in Chrome or use online in other browsers.

MindMapping tools help organize thoughts and present information visually. If the mind map app is collaborative, students can work together to plan projects or create visuals as part of a project.

I created this Instagram coggle to think through Module 5 about Instagram.  That gave me an idea for using Coggle in my classroom.


How would use of this app fit in my curricular goals? Besides the obvious collaboration for their projects, they could use the app for review of apps to learn more about digital citizenship — features, purpose, terms, privacy, ownership.  So many times students don’t look at any of that. This brings that perspective.


My Digital Citizenship Coggle explains an outline students could use to review apps for their appropriateness, features, and terms with examples and a recommendation. The  Instagram coggle demonstrates this. They could use this to persuade districts to allow the use of apps using their argumentative skills [and using Coggle to outline their argument as well].

Coggle has a great blog about their features; unfortunately, it’s a Tumblr blog so it will be blocked at school.  Richard Byrne at FreeTech4Teachers explains Coggle with an embedded video:


They do have a YouTube Channel where I found this keyboard shortcut video. Here’s a list of the shortcuts.

I found the app easy to use once I learned about the new menus. Just hover over an area and hold down the control key to see these menus:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.26.28 PM.png


Here are collaborators and comments:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.27.38 PM.pngSource:

Goggles can be private or public.  Versions are  Free, Awesome, and Organization. The free version gives you:

1 private diagram
Unlimited public diagrams
Real-time collaboration
Unlimited image uploads
PDF & Image download
Export as .mm and text
Comments & Chat
The upgrade adds private diagrams and shared folders and more for fifty dollars a year. I’m hoping the app stays free because it is a great and colorful way to think and present.
I see no education edition, but that could come if lots of teachers tweet or email support. I see no age limit in the Privacy or Terms documents.
Try it out!  Even if you use it for yourself or your Professional Learning Team at school, it’s a nice free mind mapping tool.