sre_sheriTechnology: It’s ubiquitous.

Students today enjoy the connectedness of social networking; it is part of their very being.

My goal as teacher was to bring my instruction into that cloud to teach the content required in ways that inspire online responsibility and ethics in this new, very public world.

In today’s education reform, we all need to consider the issues carefully for the sake of our children’s future. And we must engage students where they are and where they will be — tech savvy. Therefore, we must incorporate the tools of today in ways that help students become lifelong learners, ready for whatever future awaits.

These are my thoughts, not my employers.

Please remember: I’m thinking things through; please be patient with any errors.

This blog is part of a course: Jump Start Guide to Tech 2016 by Jennifer Gonzalez.  Although I’m a Geeky Gramma and Middle School Teacher [newly retired], I have plans to share my knowledge with others who are a bit tech hesitant; it was part of my work in my school, and I enjoyed sharing the possibilities for connected learning. I hope to learn more about how to share that knowledge by learning from Jennifer’s excellent model.

Thank you.

Sheri Edwards


Teacher, Writer, Artist